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Our Sculptress.

Introducing our extraordinary sculptress, Summer Frost, the visionary artist behind the breathtaking championship trophies that embody the essence of victory, passion, and dedication. With a profound mastery of her craft, Summer brings a unique blend of creativity and heart to each of her creations, transforming ideas and clay into timeless symbols of achievement.

As we celebrate our champions this coming September, let us also acknowledge the brilliant artistry of Summer, the sculptress who elevates our trophies to a level of distinction and beauty. Her work not only symbolizes victory but also serves as a lasting tribute to the indomitable spirit of those who dare to dream and achieve. With Summer at the helm, our championship trophies become more than awards—they become enduring works of art that inspire and immortalize the triumphs of our champions.


All first-place exhibitors will be named the North American Champion of that class and will receive the highly coveted, GHRA North American Championship trophy, produced by Summer Rose.


Like other world-class shows with copyrighted trophies, when you see it, you know where it was earned. While ours is still in production, yet to be reviled, it will become an unforgettable symbol of achievement.

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