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Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the newly revamped GHRA rulebook. The North American Championship will abide by this rulebook as well as any GHRA sanctioned shows in the future. 

Our rulebook has set the bar high and is the new standard for Gypsy horse showing in America. We believe in breed preservation - preserving the traditional Gypsy horse that was perfectly created decades ago. We also believe in development, documentation and enforcement of safety and ethics that are needed to protect these amazing animals and their exhibitors. 

There are many fundamental firsts in this rulebook.

A few highlights include: We are the only Gypsy registry rulebook in America to:

  • Account for "Breed type" percentages in class scoring

  • Have equine drug policies and repercussions detailed in our rulebook and enforced by our board of directors

  • We love our sponsors! However, names of horses being exhibited will not be made known to the judge prior to the class. No banners or advertising with picture and name of horse will be allowed inside the show ring

  • Like all other world class registries, we enforce and mirror the definition of an amateur 

  • GHRA recognizes cross bred Gypsy horses and is the first to sanction a championship level show

  • Many more, check it out for yourself! Enjoy.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our rulebook committee. Please reference section and/or page number when submitting inquiry. 

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