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We love our sponsors! Our gratitude of you is overwhelming. You make it possible for us to orchestrate an event that will be planted in the minds of all who attend for years to come. We also believe in fairness and integrity. All sponsors will be recognized in a variety of ways and locations at the championship show, but please note, you will not be advertised per our rulebook: 

Section I. H.  Names of horses being exhibited will not be made known to the judge prior to the class. No banners or advertising with picture and name of horse will be allowed inside the show ring. Display outside the show ring facing spectators is acceptable. Exhibitors will be issued a number for each horse to be displayed on the back of the handler, on the saddle pad or on the vehicle when in the show ring. This number will stand for the entire show.

North Barn Sponsorship - 1 available 

Enjoy this exclusive sponsorship that includes a private barn for you and your favorite 37 friends.  Let us explain!

This sponsorship includes access to the connected, semi-private north barn at the Iowa Equestrian Center. This heated and cooled private barn has 37 stalls, 2 warm water wash racks, restrooms, manure area, separate and connected entrances and much more! This sponsorship includes:  6 oversized stalls of choice included, a dedicated wash stall as the north barn sponsor, and invitations to fill the remainder of "your barn." Sponsor will work with show management to exclusively invite exhibitors of sponsor's choosing to stall with them in the north barn and create a separate stalling chart.

Rehydrate Sponsorship - 1 available 

All exhibitors will receive a sponsor branded water bottle upon check in. The rehydrate sponsor will also be acknowledged and appreciated by all exhibitors camping onsite for the water refill company. 

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