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Please check this page often as new questions and answers are added each week. If you have a question that is not addressed below, please email:

Q: Will you have a veterinarian on site?

A: Yes we have partnered with Kirkwood Veterinary Hospital who will be our on-call veterinarian as well as the equine drug testing provider we will be using for random drug testing. Drug testing will be performed at random and cooperation is mandatory. GHRA is a registry that feels random drug is unfortunately a necessary part of competition in order to protect the welfare of our equine athletes and to ensure a level playing field for exhibitors. We are the first registry to have equine drug policies and repercussions detailed in our rulebook and enforced by our board of directors. 

Q: Will I get year-end points with other registries if I attend the GHRA North American Championship Show?

A: We believe you should! In the spirit of inclusivity and supporting the growth of the Gypsy community, GHRA accepts points from all other registries who have gypsy horse activities/shows for our end of the year highpoints. We also sponsor highpoint awards throughout the year from gypsy breed shows regardless of rulebook or registry. We encourage you to ask your other registries if they are willing to follow GHRA in the precedent we have set forth - one of inclusion, comradery and growth.

Q: Do I have to qualify at another show to attend the GHRA North American Championship?

A: No. We believe a GHRA North American Champion can be one of the traditional Gypsy horses in your pasture! Maybe you have gotten out of showing at other sanctioned breed shows for one reason or another, but we believe a champion does not have to be a well-known or seen horse, but one that is prepared and ready to represent our breed.

Q: How many competitors place in each class?

A: Exhibitors are placed through 10th place. Exhibitors placing 3-10 are North American top ten competitors receiving rosettes. Second place earns championship rosettes and is the reserve North American Champion. First place, the North American Champion of that class, receives the highly covetted, GHRA North American Championship trophy - an alabaster gypsy sculpture, produced by Summer Rose. Summer is an extremely well-known and talented artist who will also be handing out these 1st place awards onsite. 

Q: Does my horse have to be registered with GHRA to compete? Do I need to be a GHRA member?

A: Yes. To take advantage of this world class show, each horse must be GHRA registered and each exhibitor a current GHRA member. Registration is a one-time, simple process that we recommend doing a minimum of 30 days prior to the show. The cost of registering a horse with GHRA is as low as $75 if registering in advance. If you are unable to send in your forms for registration by Aug. 26, 2024, don't worry we have you covered! We will have our registrar onsite processing temporary registrations. Please note there is an additional $20 fee for registrations processed onsite per horse.  Any person exhibiting a horse needs to be a GHRA member. 

I need to become a GHRA member and register my horse

My horse is registered with GHRA, I need a 2024 membership

Q: When do entries open and close? 

A: The entry form will be posted to this website and entries accepted starting March 1, 2024. The deadline to enter and / or add classes is September 1, 2024.

Q: Limit on numner of stalls

Critical deadline dates

Stall decorations/limitations

Onsite showers and facilities - haul in water

First come first serve RV hookup spaces

Hotel roomblocks

When entering the show online, entry will not be accepted unless they have a completed horse registration. Registration with GHRA must be completed before submitting online entry form.

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