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Adam Longman

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Adam Longman is an avid horse professional located in Western Minnesota.  Adam started his horse

"career" showing in the youth and amateur divisions in the Miniature Horse and Shetland Pony world, soon advancing to professional status with the opening of Longman Stables.  Longman Stables continues to exhibit small equine as well as Gypsy horses.


During his professional show career has garnered multiple National and World Championships in halter and performance (driving) divisions as well as coaching multiple youth, amateurs and disabled exhibitors to their successes in the show ring.  Outside of the show ring, Adam loves to show people of any age his animals and the farm.   


Adam has been the breeder of equally as many National and World Champion horses and continues to strive for the same success by preserving the traditions and types of the breeds he represents, researching pedigrees, studying performance, conformation, and evaluation of animals. 


Adam currently holds judges’ cards for the following registries: GHRA, GVHS, TGCA, WPCSA, NADHR, IDHA, and Minnesota 4-H and has completed many judges clinics and seminars to remain proficient in the judging position, but is always striving to learn from exhibitors and fellow judges!  He has judged National and World level shows all across the United States and Canada as well as Internationally on three different continents. 

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